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How I built a farm-to-food truck business model run by 1 person.

Stuck in a unfulfilling career path with a pile of student debt, I felt I'd be stuck there forever.

If I left, I'd have to build the most versatile, indestructible and self-sufficient business I could dream of.

With careful planning, testing & some hard lessons, I've come a long way.

My goals were to:

1. Maximize sustainability

2. Minimize risk by reducing operating costs.

3. Create multiple income streams without additional work.

I realized I could turn a $2 head of lettuce into a $10 salad in just minutes.

Harvesting homegrown produce in the morning, I can serve it to customers for lunch the same day.

If I can do it, then you can too.

I built this concept from scratch using my savings and the resources available fast and efficiently online. I had ZERO professional training in horticulture or culinary arts - I went to school for finance and economics.

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  1. I built a passive greenhouse that is efficient and versatile in all climates.

2. I installed raised beds and a passive hydroponic system that allows me to grow many of the vegetables & herbs that I need. The hydroponic method I use requires no pumps or electricity.

3. I used a rainwater collection system to get free, clean water to the greenhouse.

4. I created a small seedling table.

4. I found an old 1976 Argosy Airstream and converted it into a mobile kitchen.

5. I took an old swing set and converted it into a chicken coop.

And now, we can help you build your own...

1. We can consult on & provide the greenhouse.

2. The raised beds, dutch buckets, plant containers? We can provide that too.

3. The seedling equipment & lights? We can send it all to you through Bootstrap Farmer at a big discount.

4. The Food Truck? We know some respected builders who can help you.

Not a farmer? Neither was I.

Set yourself up for success as a ‘budding’ farmer.

We'll send you the best supporting materials to teach you the basics on growing leafy greens, herbs, microgreens & more.

This does not involve stacks of books and months of tutorials. We have collected from and connected with the best minds in the industry to provide you series of guides and online courses to catch you up quickly and efficiently.

What about the Food Truck, you ask?

Food trucks built by one of the most respected builders in the industry will be cost-efficient, well-designed & up to local code.
We have a suggested design for both the interior and exterior, but you can always use your own too. This is your business. We’ll even let you know what you need to do to get the right insurance for your new roaming kitchen.


Worried about Branding & Marketing?

We can take care of that.
Join the Veg2Bowl movement from city to city, owning your own independent Veg2Bowl food truck. We help get you started by leveraging our story, content and logo, then set you free. No further obligations to us other than some basic food quality standards and a commitment to grow as much as you can.

Website, mobile payments, email, social media account set up, and first $500 in online ad campaigns?


We got that covered too.
There’s are so many other aspects of starting a business which can be frustrating, time-consuming and expensive. Setting up a website, mobile payments, company email, social media accounts and SEO can be a long and confusing experience. Fear not, we’ve got all that covered and we’ll give you the few simple steps to be able to manage them on your own once we get you started.
We’ll also guide you through the process in getting permitted with your local health department. We’ll help make sure all bases are covered with other local regulators so we are set up for success.

Not an expert farmer or cook?


I didnt start out that way either, but I learned how to learn efficiently.


One of the hardest parts about starting a business is knowing what to focus on. So, I’ll connect you with experts on hydroponic and urban farming, in some cases giving you access to their members only information. It is simply the best use of time and energy to learn via online portals in a simplified and precise fashion. We’ll can also set you up with a subscription to America’s Test Kitchen online courses, saving you a ridiculous amount of trial and error in the kitchen as it provides a massive collection of tried and true recipes to use and training videos.
To help you manage the day-to-day of this business, we can set you up with the same grow logs we use to track planting dates, and an income projection sheet with multiple income stream options to explore opportunities. Lastly, we’ll leave you with a small arsenal of reference books to use as you may want to grow microgreens, sprouts, tomatoes in dutch buckets, or other simple to use grow systems and other farm topics as you expand.
We’ll be there with you to help get started online, on the phone and in-person.

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We’ll send you a copy of our information sheet and a free copy of my ebook Bootstrapping the Food Revolution, which reveals some of the secrets we’ve used to build a revenue generating business. If you’re skeptical that this concept is too complicated, read my personal story and you will find that it’s not. The very first Veg2Bowl infrastructure was built by 1 man, with 2 years of planning and 1 year of building the infrastructure. We can now condense and build this for you in a fraction of that.

From there, we can send you our Guide to an Indestructible Farm-to-Table Food Truck Business pack, where we share strategies and techniques we’ve personally used to maximize efficiency and reduce food cost. With that includes over our income projection model, our recommended greenhouse design. This offer also gets you a free consultation via Skype to discuss how you can join our movement!

Launching a Veg2Bowl venture can be exciting and fulfilling, but it does not have to be expensive. In fact, the whole reason this business was started, is to make the concept affordable to almost anyone.

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