Catering Sides

Catering Sides

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Garden Salad – Veg2Bowl’s greenhouse lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes & onion. Let us know your favorite dressing and we will make it in-house.

Garden Veg2Bowl Soup (Vegan) – homegrown and local veggies & greens in a reduced vegetable broth.

Black Bean Soup (Vegan) – organic black beans, peppers, onions, garlic & spices.

Jalapeno Cornbread – Veg2Bowls farm fresh eggs, corn, cornmeal, sour cream & our homegrown jalapenos.

Mashed Parsnips and Potatoes with Chives & Parsley – Yukon potatoes, parsnips (local when available), sour cream and homegrown chives & parsley mashed and topped with melted butter.

Mashed Sweet Potatoes (Vegan) – organic sweet potatoes, coconut milk, cinnamon & ginger all mashed together.

Creamy Kale & Spinach Dip – Veg2Bowls on greenhouse kale & spinach, homemade cashew milk, olive oil, parmesan cheese & cashews. Served with pita chips.