Desserts - Breezes Delight

Desserts - Breezes Delight

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Gluten-free and Sugar Free or Vegan desserts from Breezes Delight in Jacksonville, NC specially made for Veg2Bowl. 


Each package contains 1 of each in 4 perfectly sized portions for a week of small treats after your daily dinner or workout.


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These items are updated periodically.

All Items are Gluten Free.  


Gluten Free Only

Blueberry Crumb

Buckeye (brownie base with peanut butter filling choc. peanut butter ganache)

Snickers (brownie base caramel nougat filling choc ganache)

Apple Cinnamon Crumb (this one happens to be vegan and dairy free)


Vegan / Dairy Free

Mocha coffee cake - vegan, dairy free

Apple Cinnamon Crumb - vegan, dairy free

Carrot Cake - vegan, dairy free

Pumpkin Spice Cake - vegan, dairy free


Keto / Sugar-Free

Cinnamon Roll Cake - sugar-free/keto

Chocolate pecan pie bars - sugar-free/keto

Tagalong - shortbread base, peanut butter filling choc topping - sugar-free/keto

Italian Cream Cake- sugar-free/keto