Microgreens Grow at Home Kit
Microgreens Grow at Home Kit
Microgreens Grow at Home Kit
Microgreens Grow at Home Kit

Microgreens Grow at Home Kit

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Some of the most nutritious plants on earth grown right in your home.  Everything you need is included.  And best yet - these products are from a company started right here in Craven County - our very own Bootstrap Farmer. 


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Bundle Contains:

⅓ lb of the each for a total of 3⅓ lb of seeds

  • Dwarf Gray Edible Pod Pea
  • OG Buckwheat
  • Fordhook Swiss Chard
  • Dwarf Blue Curled Scotch Kale
  • Georgia Collards
  • Cherry Belle Radish
  • Medium Red Clover
  • Vernal Alfalfa
  • Detroit Dark Red Beet
  • Early White Vienna Kohlrabi


  • Variety of seeds so you can taste a wide selection
  • Our microgreen trays and domes can be reused for a lifetime.  We backed them by a 2 Year Warranty to be free of cracks and defects 
  • These trays were designed from the input of several professional microgreen growers
  • All growing trays are standard 10 x 20 (1020 trays) which can be used in conjunction with any standard 1020 and all of Bootstrap Farmers Seed Trays
  • Microgreen trays are 1¼" which is ideal for any microgreen reducing the need for excess growing media
  • Drain holes on microgreen trays prevent excess water to help prevent mold


    Are you, a friend or loved one interested in growing microgreens?  If so this a great option to get a high quality microgreen seed starter kit.  Our microgreen products are the most durable on the market allowing you to focus on growing rather than broken trays.

    Each aspect of our microgreen kit was put together to allow you to focus on growing the best tasting and fullest microgreens.

    The shallow plastic tray was built with a height of 1¼".  This allows you use less growing media and easily clip your microgreens when they are ready to harvest.

    A common mistake when growing microgreens is letting water accumulate on the bottom of your growing tray. Our 32 drainage holes to remove excess water while being small enough to hold in growing media.

    Help someone or yourself get started growing microgreens whether it be for a new business or someone interested in growing their own healthy super food.