The Veg2Bowl Creation Story

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I can’t say this didn’t start from a selfish act. My diet has never been perfect, and it still probably never will be. I’m okay with that. Sometimes a celebration is worthy of a bit of indulgence, or sometimes I veer off track only after feeling the consequences.

Even if my willpower isn’t always on point, I can say what has served me well over the long haul has been my desire to give everything my best. I’ve always had an interest in living a healthy lifestyle, so through reading books and the latest scientific research, I was changing my habits ever so slowly, adjusting to the new facts. Years later, the result is a philosophy about eating and living well that seems to have become simpler as time goes on. The research of just the last few years has led to a major shift in the beliefs of even the most experienced experts.

The latest understanding of human biology, nutrition and anthropology has led us to profoundly different conclusions on what makes up the optimal diet.

It basically comes down to this: Eat as many vegetables as you want, add in beans, lentils, fats from healthy oils, avocado and a bit of high-quality meat. Eating refined sugar and wheat (which your body converts into sugar), are the least desirable ways to fuel your body. Truly understand that We are What We Eat, so lab created fertilizers, pesticides, steroids and hormones like rBGH all wreck havoc on a precious system that is our human body.

When I stuck to these healthier staples, I noticed the difference in my energy level, mental clarity, and frequency of cravings. Once I fully realized the benefit and impact of the short-term consequences of my diet, this journey truly began.

I’d been gardening on my own and experimenting with hydroponics for a few years growing leafy greens and herbs that were convenient to have on hand such as lettuce, spinach & kale. I ‘grew’ to love it. Needing to find uses for the constant supply of greens, I started coming up with new smoothies, salads and soups for my breakfast and lunch; ready to be thrown together before work the next day.

I loved the convenience of having prepared all of my week’s meals on Sunday, so I never needed to make the choice between eating healthy or eating out. I wondered why no one delivered healthy food just like I packed for myself, ready for them to take to work for a quick reheat. I’d watch all my coworkers come back from lunch in a rush, feeling terrible just a short time later from the processed carb load they couldn’t resist.

Eventually, my frustration with my career path collided with my desire to take a risk, and do what I had only daydreamed of.

It was about 3 years ago that I made a commitment to myself that I would do something more important. I can’t say I had it all planned out, but I promised myself I would take at least 1 small action everyday towards making my passions into a sustainable business. It’s been a long, but wonderfully fulfilling last 3 years, turning a daydream into a true farm to table that seeks to serve the cleanest, freshest and most sustainable produce available in Eastern North Carolina.


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